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Participants take competition very seriously

Our most memorable event was at a 1/2 marathon race 5 years ago. It was special because all the team leaders crowded around my table demanding to see their team results, and claimed some team members’ data was missing. In the end they jumbled up the timing chips amongst themselves, so we had to prove their results to them accordingly.

After that, we learnt that we have to give watertight instructions and sharpen our processes as some participants take the competition very seriously, and as a race timing vendor we do not want to disappoint.

We have many clients including community clients like CCs or PA, MOE schools and popular races in Singapore. Because of Covid-19, approximately 200 projects planned for 2020 were all cancelled.

We pioneered online registration and race pack collection systems for mass participant events in Singapore in 2002 and so in line with that, we came up with a virtual race platform during Covid-19.

Our jobs are fulfilling when everyone manages to collect their race pack and entitlements without waiting in queues for a long time or when everyone gets their results published in a timely manner. It is also fulfilling when we confidently can identify abnormalities in the data and disqualify those entries. And, when things work out, I appreciate a thank you for a job well done. Luckily, things have generally worked out so far!

Article Credit - igemedia

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