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How to get the best map from phone GPS data
Google location services use WIFI to determine location to ensure your location is from GPS only, best to turn off WIFI
2. GPS does not work indoors, i.e. on treadmill or indoor hall
GPS connects to multiple satellites to triangulate a location, most accurate if the device has line of sight with the sky. Different brands and models have different GPS hardware which results in some devices performing better than others.
3. Ensure your phone does not go to sleep, or go into battery saving mode.
Most phones have some form of battery saving mode which forces apps to stop when running in the background. If the app is made to stop by the phone's operating system, it does not log your GPS data which results in an inaccurate map. We have recommended settings for popular brands below, please check that your phone is configured to ensure that GPS logging continues in the background.

External website reference  - Battery Management settings  to allow App to run in the background ( Android )

How the app works
1. What does the app do ?
The app gets the GPS location data and sends it to our servers to process your map. Very little processing is done on the phone's hardware.
2. The map produced has random points to locations I did not go to.
Ensure you TURN OFF WIFI, and check settings to disable battery optimisation or settings that stop apps running in the background. If the GPS hardware is turned off it will take some time for the phone to connect to the GPS satellites to get an accurate location. The most accurate GPS location data is when the phone is connected to GPS satellites continuously. If GPS signal is lost, example if you go indoors or under a bridge, there may be an unintended coordinate on your map.
3. I accidentally terminated the app.
At the moment there is no RESUME, you will have to get another D3VR ID# from your confirmation slip to restart the app. You can contact via the form below to combine the activities.
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