Runfastic Marathon 2021

Runfastic Marathon NIU Year Run
*requires out door running with D3VR app, does not work indoors with treadmill 

Beta presents the SG Shakedown Series. 

Distances - 21KM and 42KM, run self supported in 1 go or cumulative.​

Challenge period: From NOW till 30 June 2021 2359HRS Singapore Time

*50% off registration fees promo code
FTRUNT21 ( limited slots )
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42km run in 1 go mens / womens 

1st SGD168 + KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

2nd KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

3rd KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

21km run in 1 go mens / womens

1st SGD88 + KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

2nd KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

3rd KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

Bonus Prize

Furthest cumulative distance SGD128 + KODA and Starbalm Merchandise

*we have the right to reject any GPS data that do not meet the requirements.

Ensure that your phone does not go to sleep check your PHONE SETTINGS SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, APPLE and many more brands.

**Contest terms and conditions apply, Race Director decision is final.

Athletic Women
Registration Fees

Early Bird Rates ( last day 30 Apr 2021 )

Registration fee 42KM SGD18, 21KM SGD16

Normal Rates

Registration fee 42KM SGD28, 21KM SGD21

Addon Items

Crossrunner Finisher T--Shirt + Starbalm Product

Personalised Medal + Starbalm Product

Race E-cert

*Delivery in Singapore SGD5.50 ( courier ), overseas SGD20 ( by post )

Finisher T-shirt

*Image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Event Partners
Sport Care Partner
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Novum Pharma is a Dutch pharmaceutical company with STARBALM being the leading brand. Our head office is in the Netherlands with Singapore being the HQ for Asia & South East Asia region.  

Our core business is the Sport Care products.


The products are designed with an ethos in mind — “Exercise with a Plan”, to prevent injuries and ensure quick recovery. The products can be applied BEFORE, DURING, and/or AFTER any form of exercise. 


It is formulated and developed by sports doctors and therapists. All STARBALM products do not contain Camphor, a neurotoxic agent that is poisonous to the body. Therefore, they are safe, healthy, and effective to use!  

Nutrition Partner
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KODA is an Australian Sports Nutrition company developing and manufacturing Australian Made products that have a low sensory impact and are as gentle on the stomach as possible. Our products offer the very best in Hydration, Fuelling, and Recovery for the athlete.  

The objective of KODA Energy Gel is to deliver a high amount of energy, in a small volume, as quickly as possible with the least amount of energy required. KODA Energy Gels are a carbohydrate food in a semi-fluid, liquid gel form that can provide a high energy component in a small volume. An ideal running companion at the start of the run (10 mins before the run) as well as midpoint so you can finish strong! 

HASTA-certified KODA products have been used by dedicated athletes all around the world, achieving amazing results since 1995.