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6 Virtual team building activities you can do with our D3VR app

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Remote work has become a standard practice amongst all institutions due to the impact of Covid-19. Co-workers are discussing important matters through emails, teachers are conducting lessons through a screen and large family gatherings are done through video calls.

As we adapt to the current situation through digital solutions, it has created a new set of problems for people. One of them being a lack of team building activities amongst group members (of any kind). Team building events are of paramount importance when it comes to building and maintaining relationships and the absence of team building initiatives can lead to a sense of dissociation between members.

We might start to feel distant, valueless and disinterested towards our peers. This could result in a lack of quality work, breakdown in communication, heated conflicts and so on. But if we cannot go out and be in large gatherings, how can we foster a sense of community within our groups without violating pandemic-related guidelines?

As we adopt digital alternatives in various areas of our lives through the outbreak of the virus, we can also do the same when it comes to team building activities. We are going to explore 6 fun virtual team building activities you can do with our D3VR app!

6 Virtual team building activities

1. School virtual race solutions

D3VR provides an affordable platform for educational institutions to lead a healthy lifestyle. Take advantage of our expertise in developing precise virtual race timing solutions for your school's mass sporting event or cross-country run. This is a great way to promote sportsmanship, friendships, mental and physical health amongst students.

2. SAFRA Explore SG

Nothing brings people together like a good cause! Explore Singapore by foot or bike with your loved ones by signing for this charity event. This event gives people a chance to go out and stay connected without gathering in a large crowd. Explore six recommended 6km routes through iconic sites to learn more about Total Defence. For each Total Defence Pillar registered, $1 will be donated to the Community Chest. Registration fees start at $10, and participants will receive an event tee as well as a unique medal for completing each Total Defence Pillar.

3. SG 10 Hour Cycling - SG Shakedown Series

Beta presents the SG Shakedown Series, an event made for dedicated cyclists. Take your bike to the great outdoors and embark on an unforgettable journey with your peers.

There are two categories to this event. The first category will take place at SG Round island, it involves a 10-hour journey with a minimum of 150km. The second category can take place anywhere you like, this is perfect for global companies with employees, partners and owners from different parts of the world. It also involves a 10-hour journey but there is no limit given on the distance.

4. Runfastic “Nui” Year Marathon

This is a marathon that requires participants to accumulate a total of 42km or 21km either in one run or in the span of 90 days. This is a good long-term initiative to keep group members communicative and supportive of one another. Plus, a dose of healthy competition may bring people closer together!

5. Cumulative / Relay Challenge

You know what they say, there is nothing quite as euphoric as a runner’s high! This event allows participants to run whenever and wherever they want during the qualifying period and submit their distances to earn attractive finisher medals!

There are four categories to choose from: 15km, 30km, 55km, and Ultra (which holds a minimum of 80km). This allows people of different fitness levels to join the event with confidence and ease. Again, this is great for organisations that have a diverse team across the world!

6. Explore scenic areas together

For more challenges, go for a mountain bike, canoe or anything that you can do outdoors with a GPS. The D3VR app helps people stay connected through their individual journeys. Perhaps once everyone has reached their final destination, each member can virtually share the view of their location and their takeaway from the journey. Anything is possible!

Our D3VR app allows you to curate creative and interesting team building activities that will surely strengthen the bond between members who are near and far! With the D3VR app, all you need is a mobile phone with GPS and a mobile data plan.

If you are worried that people might cheat, the app comes with a function that indicates faulty submissions too! As such, people will be encouraged to fully commit to the journey and keep one another accountable.

Other than providing you with a platform to safely race outside again, our D3VR app has also allowed you to enjoy virtual sports with your colleagues, friends or families from anywhere in the world. Check out more of our team building activities or races here! If you are looking to organise a racing event or have any questions for us, get in touch with us now!

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