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Don’t cancel your plan just yet! Here’s how you can go virtual

Have you ever participated in a marathon before? I think we can all agree that the thrill of the competition is exhilarating! But there are days when you don’t feel like your best self and don’t feel like running at all on a race day—either your body aches, you’re feeling sleepy from waking up too early or it could be because the weather doesn’t look inviting. Whatever the reasons are, these are the problems that you don’t have to face when you participate in a virtual run.

If you don’t already know, a virtual run gives you everything a traditional running competition does and more. For instance, you get to compete with other runners without having to run side by side with them. And don’t get us wrong, a virtual run doesn’t mean running on a treadmill at home, it means running outdoors on your chosen route, at your own pace and following your own time. If you want to know more about the benefits of running virtually, click here.

Virtual races are indeed a safer way of running in this pandemic. But other than reliving the thrill of running, virtual runs also make great team-building activities.

5 Uses of a virtual race

1. Substitute for mass competitions

As mentioned before, virtual races allow runners to experience the excitement of racing without having to run side by side. With our D3VR app’s leaderboard, participants can still track their progress and compare it with other runners’. This is a safer and more convenient substitute for mass competitions as it doesn’t require runners to all be in the same space running at the same time.

2. Charity event

There are plenty of virtual runs with a cause today. If you or your company would like to dedicate an event to fund a charity that is close to your heart, you can do so with our app. It’s a safer way to conduct a charitable race as people can run from wherever they are, and the registration proceeds will also be given to the respective charity.

3. Safely conduct annual running events

During the early days of the pandemic, many public events were postponed and eventually cancelled to stop the spread of the virus. Annual events such as the school’s annual cross-country run also faced the same fate. However, with our D3VR app, students can continue to safely participate in their annual cross-country run by running virtually.

4. Team-building activities

Now that many of us are back to working from home again, we are looking at a long period of isolation. To boost morale and get everyone working together while staying apart, virtual races can be used for team-building activities. Since we have the app and the platform to make this possible, all you need to do is get creative with the activities!

5. Weekend activity

Virtual runs can be done whenever and wherever. Therefore, it makes a great weekend activity for anyone to participate in during their free time. Whenever you feel like running or cycling, all you need to do is turn on the GPS on your phone and let the app track your time and distance. The route and the time are all up to you.

Intrigue to give virtual racing a try? Challenge yourself to try something new, something that can help keep you fit in times of isolation like this. Don’t let this pandemic ruin your plans—any team-building activities that you have planned, you can still proceed with the idea when you use our D3VR app. But always remember to adhere to the SOPs and keep safe.

For more information about our races or to know how we can help you organise a virtual race competition, get in touch with us!

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