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Why it’s important to keep yourself fit

Singapore is now looking to ease off the COVID-19 measures and move to Phase 3. However, working from home remains the default. Staying at home or working from home does have its benefits, you no longer have to commute, you are free from crowds and traffic, and you can go to work in your cosy clothes. But although there’s a plus side to staying at home, it does come with a downside—physical inactivity.

For instance, too much time spent cooped up at home without any form of exercise can lead to the feeling of isolation and loneliness. This is why it’s important to know that physical inactivity can potentially harm not only your body but also your mental well-being.

Here’s why you need to keep yourself fit

1. Improve your quality of life

Did you know that physical inactivity can take a toll on your body? When you feel tired and out of it, exercising can help alleviate your mood and keep you from feeling unproductive. When you exercise, your brain will release endorphins, a feel-good chemical, all over your body. This will eventually make you feel better and improve the overall quality of your life.

2. Better immune system

I’m sure you’d know that exercises heighten your muscle strength and flexibility. But did you know that it also helps to increase your immune system? When you are in the middle of a pandemic, the one thing that you’d want to avoid is falling sick. This is where exercises come in handy, they help to boost your immune system which is used to protect you against infections and keep you away from the doctors!

3. Improve your mental health

According to a study by AIA, about 9 in 10 Singaporeans have reported a decline in their mental health due to the pandemic. When the future seems bleak, being isolated at home can lead to serious mental problems such as feeling depressed and anxious. However, in situations such as this, exercising does help! When you exercise regularly, you can boost your serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels, leaving you feeling happier and more energetic. It’s useful to keep in mind that exercise is not only good for the body but also the mind.

4. Better sleep quality

Exercise helps to improve your sleep in many ways. For instance, it can reduce the time it takes for you to fall asleep, alleviate daytime sleepiness, and may even eliminate the need to consume sleep medications. So if you struggle to get quality sleep, you can count on regular exercising to feel more relaxed and sleep better.

5. Improve your overall health

Other than helping you sleep, controlling your weight gain, and keeping your stress at bay, exercising also helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer, maintain your blood sugar level, strengthen your bones, and many more. And did you know that studies have shown that exercise increases the chance for you to live longer? Well, now you know!

Although we are allowed to go for a stroll or run in the park, remember to always adhere to the SOPs. If you want to exercise outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery, you can do so with our D3VR app. Our app allows you to keep yourself fit anytime and anywhere.

For more information about our races or to know how we can help you organise a virtual race competition, get in touch with us!

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