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Why virtual races are great for first-timers

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

As a beginner runner, running in a race or a marathon may seem like a distant dream. You may have doubts about finishing the race, feel the pressure of running alongside so many great runners or find it stressful to organise your schedule around the race. But with virtual races, you can achieve your goal of competing for the first time without the stress of these issues!

Here are 5 reasons why beginner runners should try a virtual race

1. Run stress-free

One of the biggest reasons why beginner runners shy away from races and marathons is the stress associated with the events. Races are usually large events with hundreds of runners at different skill levels competing against each other. As a new runner, you might be overwhelmed by the idea of running against so many people, fearing that you may come last or maybe not even finishing the race. However, our D3VR app offers races where you are still able to view other competitors’ results, so you get the thrills of competing without having the stress of facing your competition head-on! With all your worries put aside, you can focus on running to the best of your ability.

2. You set the course

Running in a race may feel stressful as you are typically running on a new track and may face unexpected challenges such as a confusing route or more elevation than you are used to. Or, the race route might be less scenic and you could get bored. However, in a virtual race, you can choose your own course! Some runners may feel more at ease if they run on the same usual route, and some may prefer to challenge themselves by picking suggested routes. Our app offers this flexibility where participants can choose whether to run at designated routes or choose their own route. With the course completely up to you, there is no fear of any unexpected challenges, unless that is what you are after, of course!

3. At your own time and speed

42KM, 21KM, or 10KM—no matter how small the number gets, the races still feel impossibly long when you think about them. But, when racing virtually, you can run at your own pace as our D3VR app offers cumulative races. This means that you do not have to complete the entire distance in one try—you could just do a kilometre every day until you finish the race! When you break the distances down, they become a lot less intimidating and a lot more manageable! This also allows you to run when you are feeling your best so you do not have to push yourself through the entire route if you are feeling fatigued.

4. No need for travel or scheduling

Races are typically set on a certain date, time and location which may be frustrating to plan around. Even as a small country, travelling from one side of Singapore to the other is still relatively time-consuming. However, with virtual races, you can personalise this completely up to you. Whether you prefer running at night, running somewhere close to home or exploring somewhere new, you have complete autonomy to do so! With virtual races, you are given a wide timeframe to complete your races. So, there is no struggle with planning around a date, time or location.

5. Low barriers to entry

Running a virtual race with our D3VR app only requires three things: a pair of running shoes, a phone to track your distance, and dedication. If you are a beginner runner, chances are you already have two of them. All that is left is your will to push yourself to take on the challenge. And considering the number of perks we have mentioned above, there really is no reason why you should procrastinate this any longer!

If all these reasons have given you the courage to take on your first race, feel free to check out the races we are hosting right now! We have races for all running levels, ranging from 6KM to 42KM. To find out more details about each race and how to enter, click here. Once you have completed your first virtual race, you will be ready to level up onto bigger and longer races and possibly participate in an in-person race when the time comes!

For more information about our races or to know how we can help you organise a virtual race competition, get in touch with us here!

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