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Stay protected during virtual runs with these 5 tips

Nothing beats a rush of endorphins from a good run out on the streets, tracks or hills to release any pent up stress and strain we carry throughout the day. Running serves as a fine choice for health-oriented individuals to stay active and adventurous as they enjoy the scenery and fresh air in the outdoors! Unfortunately, there are some incidents where people run into trouble as they were not aware or prepared to face life-threatening events such as slippery roads or stormy weathers.

As such, this puts virtual runners at a higher risk as they are on a solo journey and they are not a part of a running group that could come to their aid if they face an injury.

If you prefer to treat running as your special “me time” or you are thinking of going on a virtual run with your loved ones who are physically miles away, consider the safety measures you should take as you travel from point A to point B.

5 Safety tips for solo runs

1. Wear the right attire

The wrong clothes can create great discomfort—it can cause you to feel too hot, too cold, too tight, or even too loose. So, before you choose your clothes, take into account the weather; dress in clothing and shoes that are appropriate for temperatures 10 to 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature as you will heat up on a run.

If you are running in a chilly climate coupled with windy conditions, ensure that you are wearing the right amount of layers to keep yourself warm throughout the run. Most of all, it is highly advisable to wear clothing that is bright in colour! This will help motorists, bikers and others on the road to give you space as you run. It also helps others to easily identify you if you get into serious trouble.

2. Carry your identification cards with you

Speaking of being able to be easily identified, make sure you carry your identification card or driving license with you at all times! This will help emergency responders know who you are and who to contact if you are found harmed or compromised in any way. It can also be helpful if you have your details displayed on your phone’s home screen (such as your emergency contact) to allow bystanders to easily help you.

3. Choose a good time

The time of day at which you run has a great deal to do with your security. If you run before or after sunrise or sunset, you are literally running in the dark, which poses a range of safety concerns. If you run right before or after sunrise or sunset, the glare from the rising or setting sun can make it extremely difficult for drivers to see you if you are running on the road. As a result, the best time for optimal safety is during daylight hours, when the sun is not close to the horizon.

4. Tell someone about your run

As a general rule of thumb, let at least one person know the details of your run. Make sure that this is a person that can come to your aid if any unforeseen circumstances occur. Even if this person cannot physically tend to your needs, they should be able to call for help. You can notify this person that you will be back from your run at a certain time and you will contact them. If they do not hear from you, they will know that it is a sign that you are in trouble.

5. Choose the right course

Choose a course that you are well-versed in! One of the most significant advantages of a virtual race is that it is attached to a GPS that will illustrate the details of your journey. If you decide to do a virtual race, make sure to adhere to the requests of local authorities and race directors. While it is a growing concern that participants of a virtual race can easily cheat their routes, our app has the ability to dictate faulty submissions in order to encourage runners to conduct themselves with great ethics during every race.

While we all love a good runner’s high, we hope you will actively practise these five tips mentioned above on every run, be it solo or not! If you are keen to give virtual racing a try, we have got you covered! Check out our virtual races here. For more information on how we can help you organise a virtual race competition, get in touch with us now!

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