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The secret behind why brands love Race events

The pandemic has stopped many events from taking place. Just before all this, we were seeing a steady increase in race events and the likes. The 2XU run, Eco run, Star Wars run and so on. The good times... when will they come back again? Remember the race pack collection days? Some of the serious competitors out there prepare for weeks and months, watching their diets and preparing playlists. There is something electric about crossing that line. The triumph that racers feel in their hearts—that deep satisfaction they feel knowing that they have finished yet another race.

This is also one of the key reasons why companies and brands started getting more involved in the races. The emotions that are generated during such events are relatable in many ways. They resonate with the vibes that these brands were looking to get behind. For now, races have been either postponed or straight-up cancelled. It is unfortunate for race enthusiasts, event organisers and the brands that support them.

We discovered a glimmer of hope, though! Even in the new norm, there are still ways for all of us to participate in races. Some of you may have heard of the virtual races that go on these days. Though these races have the main elements like race packs, finisher medals and leaderboards, they seem to lack the most important thing.

Remember the emotions and vibes that were crucial in creating the growth of races in the first place? We discovered some way of getting that back. We have found ways to give runners back what they crave in a new and innovative way. Runnify 2020 is a virtual race that allows participants or runners to run at their own time and space without flouting the physical distancing procedures or putting themselves at risk. Built on our lightweight D3_VR app, this format makes it possible for people from distant locations to participate in a race together. We also added our special secret sauce—upholding the integrity of sportsmanship.

This race comprises of 5km, 10km, and 15km distances. With our app, you get the real-time result and compete based on that with others! Now, this is what we would call a race! Sign up for Runnify 2020 and experience it for yourself; you’d know the difference! (Psst... you can submit unlimited runs from now till 31 January 2021!) Are you a brand or company looking to bring back the good old days, without being booked by the social distancing ambassadors? We'll be happy to share our acquired knowledge and experience.

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