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Virtual racing: The new normal for sports

As social distancing remains part and parcel of our daily lives, it is safe to say we will not be seeing mass events returning soon despite how much we yearn to get back on our feet and compete with those that share the same passion for sports as we do. With close contact sports remaining out of the question for today, there is one way left to keep things going smoothly while we await the return of normalcy.

Although it could not fully replicate the thrills of the real deal, virtual events have become the new go-to for sporting event organisers as a means to keep things running. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, a whole new experience of old school racing could be recreated to the sense that one could still compete with unwavering passion despite the lack of ambience and crowds.

While virtual racing sure has its drawbacks, it has nonetheless delivered what is necessary for the time being. Here are five benefits one can expect from this virtual experience.

5 benefits of virtual racing

1. Safety first

The sight of a mass gathering could be terrifying even for the extroverts today for obvious reasons. Luckily, virtual racing is anything but real crowds, so runners can now run without having to worry about their safety as they run on their own whilst racing together in spirit. Furthermore, it gives a chance for introverts who find conventional races stressful to partake in this communal activity. All in all, it gets everyone together without compromising the safety of others.

2. Flexibility

The days of unforeseen circumstances leading to an event cancellation are no longer a thing as now you get to be your own boss when it comes to calling your own shots, whenever and wherever you like. Virtual racing gives runners across different continents to compete in the same race albeit running in a different time and place. Additionally, you no longer have to spend on travelling and accommodations or having to get up early for that morning marathon starting line. Choose your own route and run as if no one is looking!

3. Keep yourself motivated

It can be easy to fall into indolence due to the limited space and long hours spent indoors which greatly encumber one’s creativity and wellbeing. A change of scenery is much needed to regenerate one’s lost time with nature and outdoor activities. With virtual racing, it has become a great way to do so safely while staying motivated to push oneself towards goals they have long strived to achieve.

4. Compete on a global-scale level

Like social media, virtual racing connects people, except it keeps everyone off their phones with active running. That is right, you are bound to meet someone from another country as this virtual experience is borderless. The whole experience is rooted in the online space. For instance, our D3VR app will automatically record and upload the racing results, allowing participants to check theirs and others’ completion time and determine the winner of the races. With virtual racing, one is bound to find camaraderie as it is easier than ever to come to know and befriend fellow runners across continents.

5. Farewell to cancellations

Remember the days when your widely anticipated run got called off due to the sudden pouring rain? Well, it is always sunny with virtual racing as participants today are literally running at their own pace and place with no hurdles in their way! Case in point, runners no longer have to go the distance as they can run on a path just outside their door, or one that they are familiar with on any given day within the duration of the weeks- and months-long competition.

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