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What kind of cyclist are you ?

Any new year's resolutions for 2021? What about cycling? Due to the pandemic, it’s difficult for cycling enthusiasts to get back on the race track, but we are here to tell you that there is still another way for you to keep cycling. From now until 28 February 2021, we’re offering you unlimited submissions to participate in our SG 10 Hour Cycling event. This event requires cycling outdoors with an actual bicycle, not a stationary bike .

There are two challenges and you can participate in either one or both categories — SG round island 150km 10 hours cut-off and cumulative 10 hours best total distance. All you need to do is register for the race online and install our D3VR app on your smartphone either via App Store or Play Store . Once you’re done, enter your ID and start cycling!

This event is inspired by our love of cycling. Suitable for people of all ages, cycling helps improve your overall mental and physical health. Not to mention it doesn’t require a high level of physical skill . Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what type of cyclist you are? There are generally 5 types of cyclists—all with different strengths and skillsets. Which one are you?

Here are the 5 types of cyclists:

1. Time Trialist

Time trialists are those who thrive in competitive races. Usually built for speed over a medium-range distance, they perform extremely well during the time trial stages but when the road begins to point uphill, they may have some difficulties. For time trialists, a race against the clock that’s either done in solo or small teams is the most suitable race event!

2. Sprinter

Sprinters are riders who love to end the race with a twist. They’re the ones who will try to outrun a peloton as a final effort for stage wins. And when they do, they can sprint up to 70 km/h . They're fast by nature but when it comes to the mountain stages, they tend to struggle to finish within the time limits. For sprinters, consider joining off-road events such as BMX or track racing events such as elimination race and sprint track racing.

3. Climber

Climbers are mostly extremely lean, weighing about 60kg or less. But they have enough power to weight ratio that enables them to lift their way up the hills. While other cyclists thrive on flat or slightly hilly roads, climbers thrive on the mountains where the speed drops and the pacing is all that matters. However, their sprinting ability is only limited to uphill sprints. Climbers would thrive in a hill climb or a mass cross-country race that combines different obstacles including trails, climbs and descents.

4. Puncheur

Puncheurs or punchers work best over rolling terrain with short but steep climbs. They’re characterised by their explosiveness in the last kilometres. Punchers are usually well-built , with broad shoulders and bigger legs but their endurance isn’t as good as climbers and they’re mainly suited for short climbs only. For punchers, the ideal race is the one-day spring classics. These races are challenging and feature sharp and uphill accelerations.


All-rounders specialise in, you guessed it, all areas. They’re very versatile and have a wide range of skillsets. They can climb alongside climbers and are also good in time trials. Usually, the all-rounder acts as a team leader and the rest of the team will work together to help them achieve a top ranking. Extremely talented in various categories, all-rounders place well in the general classification of stage races.

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