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Race timing technology leader shares insights on capturing the accuracy of virtual race timing and how it continues to evolve in today’s climate


The disruption of Sports industry has no doubt change the way we participate in mass participation races. Gone are the days when sports enthusiasts register for a mass running event, diligently train and taper nearing race day, wakes up before the crack of dawn to join fellow running enthusiast at the starting line, wearing the race tee provided by the race organiser and check their result reflected on the race website afterwards.

The ongoing pandemic has given rise to many virtual racing app in the market but many a times, serious runners have questioned the accuracy and authenticity of result uploaded via screen shot of any activity app.

The D3VR App relies upon multiple tracking strategies to improve the tracking accuracy. GPS including other sensors available on mobile devices.

Niu year Runfastic Marathon is the latest virtual self-supported competition which captures the endurance of participants, either at 1 go or cumulatively for a total of 42 or 21km distances. This race allows participants to use the D3 VR app to register and track running from 1st April - 30th June, 2359hrs SGT.

The app’s leaderboard is flexible to accommodate a single or unlimited multiple accumulative distance. This encourages even an absolute beginner to start an active lifestyle by clocking their walks or jogs for even a very short distance of 500m or more, accumulatively at their own pace, till they hit the distance they have signed up for. Naturally, the prize monies are for the fastest or longest cumulative distances, but it shares the message that any distances, once cumulated becomes an impressive fruition.

In the words of Technology Director of D3 Solutions, Zubinn Tan, the market leader of Singapore home grown race timing technology with over 13 years’ experience :“We are confident that this app will be able to capture actual running, jogging or walking activities, and flag out questionable activities captured through travelling by Cars, MRT and buses etc. This app has been beta tested during the past lockdown series and many local school running competitions for the past year”.

The D3VR platform provide live leaderboard and can detect fraud, thus gaining traction with serious competitors which gives our competitors a peace of mind about our leaderboard statistics.

The beta series tryouts experience for past runs and cycling were very positive. Participants were satisfied with the fact that they were competing with fellow true runners or cyclist, instead of questionable results uploaded through screen shot which cannot be validated and accounted for.

The Niu Year Marathon also offers personalised race medals, e-certificate and finisher apparel to commemorate the participant’s race experience. A 50% off registration fees promo code FTRUNT21 (limited slots available) will end at 2359hrs on 30th April SGT, and is open to all countries that supports Google play. Registration link is


42km run in 1 go mens / womens 1st SGD168 42km mens 1st SGD168 42km womens 21km run in 1 go mens / womens 1st - SGD88 21km mens 1st - SGD88 21km womens Bonus Prize Furthest cumulative distance SGD128

About D3 Solutions

At D3 Solutions, we research, develop and provide services in the areas of Data Collection (commercial grade Online Registration / E-Commerce / RFID Solutions), Data Analysis and Digital Print on Demand. We have extensive portfolio for projects in the sports & events industry. ​

Our team is very experienced in Programming, Design, Printing and Production and will be able to tailor a custom solution to your needs. ​

Our experienced programmers can customise your event's online registration portal to a wide variety of functionality. From membership to promocodes to Facebook integration.

D3VR’s experience in providing an app that fully captures the accuracy of race timing solutions have made us the preferred choice of platform for many. One of which is schools, as together, we promote a healthy lifestyle in a time when physical sports and activities are highly limited.

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